The first subscription lawncare plan. Easy to use. Delivered direct.

Let the grass grow - with a personalised season-by-season package that's exactly right for your garden.


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Lawns that have been transformed

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    Josh, Stockport

    "Cannot believe the difference after the Winter and Spring treatments. Gave it a try before spending hundreds on a new lawn and so glad I did."

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    Simon, Hartlepool

    Four weeks after heavy scarifying, overseeding and using So & Mo Spring feed the results are brilliant. I couldn't recommend the product enough and the online customer support has been great too!

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    Mr Thompson, Yorkshire

    "With the advice on how to Spring renovate and the quality of products I'm now proud of my lawn."

  • Mike, Cheshire

    “Great service and what an amazing product! My lawn has never looked so good!”

  • Sam K, Northallerton

    “It works! We keep seeing it get better with every application. Would recommend"

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    Stuart, Manchester

    "Easy to mix and apply (the You Tube instructional video was worth watching). After a few days grass became much greener and generally healthier."

How it works

1. Subscribe to our plan

Join the plan at any time of the year. Our subscription is tailored to every lawn size, with no waste.

2. Delivered to your door

Our plan consists of 6 liquid feeds per year and we deliver them exactly when they need to be applied.

3. Apply our liquid feed

We send easy-to-follow instructions to help apply our performance feeds like a lawn expert.

Here's what our customers say...

Garden with perfectly green, well-kept lawn

Don’t shock treat your lawn again

To survive, we need regular food and water - and your lawn is no different. That’s why So & Mo provides an ongoing balanced programme of liquified feeds to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant all year round.

Of course, there are other brands out there who sell a quick hit ‘green up’ product for your lawn, but this really isn’t all that healthy. It boosts the lawn for a short period but doesn’t provide the ongoing nutrients that will keep your lawn healthy all year round. Think of it like a shot of steroids, it may work but it isn’t healthy for the long term.

Our liquified lawn feed includes all the ingredients needed to help fight disease and build and strong healthy vibrant lawn. Delivered with the right balance of nutrients at the right time of the year, so there is no need to ‘shock treat’ your lawn again.

Garden with perfectly green, well-kept lawn

Built by decades of expertise

So & Mo formulations haven’t been created by luck, they’ve honed over time and produced using 30+ years of scientific expertise.

Expertise which is behind numerous International, European and Premier League football pitches, by European and US Tour golf courses and on professional grass courts across Europe and America.

Created by experts, used by the best and perfected for your lawn.

We plant a tree for every order

We don’t just do things right, we do the right thing.

Protecting green space is a huge responsibility and one which we’ve taken on. With our customers looking after their lawns, we want to look after our planet - which is why, for every order we deliver, we plant a tree through Ecologi.

We plant trees with
Performance Lawn Feed

Ensure your lawn never goes hungry again

  • Liquid lawn feed for super easy, precise application
  • Year round performance with only six annual feeds
  • See visible results in just three days!
Transform your lawn with So & Mo