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Everything your lawn needs to perform

Get your lawn looking the dogs all year round with our tailored feeding plan.We send the right sports performance feed exactly when you need to apply it.

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How it works

Zero guesswork with our tailored plan of seasonal performance feeds.

1. Choose your lawn size

Our subscription is tailored to your lawn size, no measuring and no waste.

2. Through the letterbox

Every 2 months you'll get the perfect formulation delivered through your door..

3. Spray it on

Mix the feed with water in a sprayer and follow our easy-to-apply instructions.

We're not your usual lawn care brand

Other brands

Nitrogen loading, low grade products
Well balanced performance feeds
So many options, so much confusion
Right feed at the right time
Panic trips down to the garden centre
Delivered through the letterbox
Too much? Too little?
Just right. Tailored to your lawn size

Real results from real lawns

  • Before

    Paul, Barnsley

    "Really happy with the product and the advice. Back from the brink in only 6 weeks!"

  • Before

    Josh, Stockport

    "Cannot believe the difference after the Winter and Spring treatments. Gave it a try before spending hundreds on a new lawn and so glad I did."

  • Before

    Stuart, Manchester

    "Easy to mix and apply (the You Tube instructional video was worth watching). After a few days grass became much greener and generally healthier."

  • Before

    Leigh, Rotherham

    "The first was taken on 13th July and the last yesterday so a little over 3 weeks to look fresh and green after your product. Thanks again!"

  • Before

    Simon, Hartlepool

    Four weeks after heavy scarifying, overseeding and using So & Mo Spring feed the results are brilliant. I couldn't recommend the product enough and the online customer support has been great too!

  • Before

    Jo, Hereford

    "Thanks to a bit of TLC from @soandmolawns the lawn is looking a bit more alive than it did back in the summer."

  • Before

    Nick, Reading

    "Grass is getting there! Renovation and only one organic booster, about 3 weeks ago."

  • Before

    Gary, Sheffield

    "Before and after pictures, in just one year. Thanks guys!"

Lawn Feed

Seasonal feeds developed by agronomists (grass scientists) to provide all the nutrients your lawn needs for year round performance with moss control included. Tailored to your lawn size for hassle free, easy application and no waste.

The benefits of feeding

  • Performance formulations
  • Moss control included
  • Tailored to your lawn size
  • Free letterbox delivery

Grass Seed

A 70% dwarf ryegrass and 30% red fescue mixture to ensure quick germination and hard wearing nature with fines and bottom structure provided by the fescues. Perfect for those wanting a durable lawn without having to compromise on looks.


  • Hardwearing mixture
  • Fast germination
  • Year-round colour
  • Fine appearance

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Garden with perfectly green, well-kept lawn

Founders story

Meeting back in 2017, we've build some of the best lawns, grass tennis courts and private golf greens together on the way to starting So & Mo. Marc comes from a world of building and maintaining some of the best golf courses in the UK and further afield. Luke's journey has been residential gardening to landscaping to turf specialist.

Garden with perfectly green, well-kept lawn

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We're feeding the UK. Just check out how many of your neighbours are feeding their lawns with So & Mo.

Enjoy the biggest room of your home and create a healthier, happier environment for all.

Performance Lawn Feed

Ensure your lawn never goes hungry again

  • Liquid lawn feed for super easy, precise application
  • Year round performance with only six annual feeds
  • See visible results in just three days!