Moss Treatment

Moss Treatment

  • High iron for moss treatment
  • Quick acting green up
  • Covers up to 500m2

Combat moss the right way. Our liquid iron at 7.4% is a great treatment for dealing with a moss problem and giving your lawn a fast acting green up. Combine this with good scarification practises to ensure a moss free lawn. Be aware: this will cause the moss in your lawn to go black.

For use any time of the year. Ensure at least 8 weeks between applications.

  • Recyclable packaging
  • Free next day delivery
  • 10 trees planted every order

How to apply our feeds

Frequently asked questions

We would advice to leave at least 8 weeks inbetween treatments.

This liquid iron will help to treat the moss however this does not kill the moss. Once the moss has started to blacken off you will need to scarify with a wire rake or scarification machine to remove the moss out of the lawn.

Our Moss Treament will not only provide a fast acting green up of the lawn but it will treat any moss spores that are present in the lawn. This will help manage the moss problem over time.

Yes. Once the moss has blackened off it's time to get it out with a good scarification.