Our Story

Why we started

We’ve worked on maintaining some of the top golf venues, football pitches and fine lawns in the country.

However...even with our combined 30 years of experience we found domestic lawn care products quite confusing and pretty disappointing, especially with the results we were used to. Why was there so much choice? How do customers without our training choose the right one? How do I get results all year round?

We started to recognise the desire for a bright and healthy lawn was outweighed by the chore that came with achieving it.

So we decided to do something about it.

Liquid Lawn Feed

How it’s going

Working with agronomists and manufactures who are used to producing results at the top level we scrapped the ‘seasonal’ feeds and built a plan for 12 months of the year.

Cutting out the confusion our lawn feed programme contains all the nutrients your lawn needs. Our feeds are labelled for application at the right time of year and our box has all the measurements for the right amount.

We then wrapped out 30 years of experience into easy to watch instructional videos to give everyone confidence that lawn care doesn’t have to be complicated.


The future

Our goal is simple: Create as many lawn experts as possible and see everyone be proud of their lawn.

To do this we’re going to be bringing our expertise and simplicity to the entire lawn care product range including grass seed, top dressing and more.

You’ll also be seeing a lot more of our faces with videos on every aspect of lawn care from the most basic processes all the way through to golf greens!

Here’s to dreaming in green.

We plant 10 trees for every order

We don’t just do things right, we do the right thing.

Protecting green space is a huge responsibility and one which we’re wanting to take on. With our customers looking after their lawns, we as a brand want to look after our planet which is why for every box we plant 10 trees through Ecologi.

We plant trees with
Performance Lawn Feed

Ensure your lawn never goes hungry again

  • Liquid Lawn Feed for Easy Applications
  • Year Round Performance with 6 Feeds
  • Results in Less Than 3 Days