Why thousands of lawns are choosing us

based on over 10,000 orders

Results all year round

Tired of your green lawn only lasting a few short weeks? Our plan is guaranteed to keep play on all year round.

  • Six performance liquid feeds per year
  • All the nutrients your lawn will need
  • Moss control included
  • Wetting agent in every feed

Hassle-free delivery

Spending too many hours driving down to the garden centre to stare at the shelfs of confusion?

  • Delivered through your letterbox exactly when you need it
  • We send the right seasonal formulation to apply so no confusion
  • Automatic delivery so no forgetting or needing to remember

Expertise and support

We've amassed over 30 years experience managing golf greens, fine lawns and all turf surfaces at the top level and we want to pass our expertise on to you!

  • All the instructions and advice needed on how to use our products properly
  • Send us an email or a WhatsApp whenever you need our support
  • Follow our YouTube channel and subscribe to our blogs for our expertise

All round simplicity

Lawn care doesn't need to be complicated and having a huge range of products is completely unnecessary. We've used our 30 years of expertise to select the products you need.

  • Simple and effective product range
  • Zero guesswork, no confusion
  • Tailored to your lawn size
Performance Lawn Feed

Ensure your lawn never goes hungry again

  • Liquid lawn feed for super easy, precise application
  • Year round performance with only six annual feeds
  • See visible results in just three days!