Why So & Mo?

Something to smile about, every season

Tired of your green lawn only lasting a few short weeks? Our plan uses liquified nutrients to feed your lawn and keep it perfect all year - guaranteed to get you smiling every time you look out your window.

  • Six applications per year, perfectly timed for consistently green results
  • Join anytime, our feeds work with your lawn at the right time
  • Professionally designed plan, created by industry-leading experts for no more peaks and troughs!

Liquid feed for perfectly precise application

Fed up with granular feed making a big old mess? So were we...S'why we made it liquid. Our liquefied lawn feed gives you complete control on where your feed goes, keeping waste (and fuss!) to a minimum.

  • No mess, our sprayers use flat fan nozzles for precision application
  • No waste, keep any feed you don’t use for your next application
  • No hassel, store our feed outside without damage

All the feed you need in one easy delivery

Care about the environment? So do we. It's why we deliver your full plan in one cleverly designed box made from 100% recyclable packaging. Looking to lower your carbon footprint? Then care for your lawn with the So & Mo plan!

  • No waiting around, already have your feed when your lawn needs it
  • Fewer deliveries, saving you time, money (and trips to the garden centre), reducing emissions
  • Less packaging, reducing waste - and what we do use is 100% recyclable
Performance Lawn Feed

Ensure your lawn never goes hungry again

  • Liquid lawn feed for super easy, precise application
  • Your round performance with only six annual feeds
  • See visible results in just three days!
Transform your lawn with So & Mo