The role of surfactant our liquid lawn feeds

The role of surfactant our liquid lawn feeds

31st Mar 2021 Watering

Surfactant is a component of high performance liquid lawn feeds, used to reduce the surface tension of the liquid. 

But what makes this component so beneficial for maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing lawn? In this blog, we will discuss the role of surfactants in our So & Mo Performance Liquid Lawn Feed.

What is Surfactant?

Surfactants, also known as surface-active agents, or wetting agents, are substances that reduce the surface tension between two liquids. They are commonly used in a wide range of industries, including household products and pharmaceuticals. 

What do surfactants do in liquid lawn feeds?

By reducing the surface tension between your liquid feed and the water in the plant, surfactant compounds help the feed stick to the plant rather than rolling off it, and allow nutrients and water to penetrate the lawn structure more evenly and efficiently.

Additional benefits of our wetting agents are:

  • Improving the uptake of nutrients and other products in the plant
  • Wetting,  spreading the feed, penetrating, and re-wetting 
  • Managing water issues on the plant
  • Guarding against plant stress
  • Safe to beneficial microbes
  • Helping avoid dried out areas

We don't like to brag here at So & Mo but this is a feature of our formulations that is so good we just love to shout about it. When choosing a new product, you should 

As all our feed contains surfactant, following the 12-month, 6 feeds Performance Liquid Lawn Feed plan, helps ensure that water resistance on the grass plants is managed year-round, facilitating the absorption of nutrients and moisture and therefore preventing the appearance of dry patches on your lawn.

How should surfactants be used on lawns?

Surfactants are often used in combination with fertilisers and herbicides, in order to help these substances more effectively penetrate the plant. It is always recommended that you refer to the label of your fertiliser to determine whether it can be used in combination with a surfactant and how to do so.

To save you the hassle of reading through instructions and small print on your lawn feed packaging, our Performance Liquid Lawn Feed plan includes surfactants in each of the 6 season-tailored feeds. Ensuring that each feed is as effective as possible, the So & Mo plan helps you stay on top of your lawn care all year round.

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