Why is a surfactant so good?

Why is a surfactant so good?

31st Mar 2021 Watering

All of our liquid feeds include a surfactant.

What does this mean? Why is it so good?

Another name for a surfactant is a wetting agent. The main job of our surfactant is to lower the surface tension of the liquid. This allows us to manage water on the plant more efficiently and as we have a surfactant in each of our feeds this means 6 applications per year to prevent dry patch rather than cure it.

Other benefits of our wetting agent are:

  • Improves the uptake of nutrients and other products in the plant
  • Acts in a number of ways, wetting and spreading, penetrating and re-wetting
  • Manages water issues on the plant
  • Guard against plant stress
  • Safe to beneficial microbes
  • Less dried out areas

We don't like to brag here at So & Mo but this is a feature of our formulations that is so good we just love to shout about.

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