Annual Lawn Feed Box

Annual Lawn Feed Box

  • 12 month plan with 6 feeds
  • Liquid feed for easy & accurate application
  • Results in as little as 3 Days

Lawn feed that's engineered to work with your lawn at the right time in the right way for year round performance. Our one size fits all box can deliver our 12 month plan to all lawn sizes with the only difference being how long each box will last.

You need a feed sprayer to use our products. Check your sprayer
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  • Recyclable packaging Recyclable packaging
    Recyclable packaging
  • Delivered direct Delivered direct
    Delivered direct
  • 1 tree planted every order 1 tree planted every order
    1 tree planted every order


Macro nutrients

Nitrogen (N)

Used by the plant to produce health and strong leaf growth whilst also increasing the speed of production. Nitrogen is also one of the components of chlorophyll which is the material that turns the grass green.

Phosphorus (P)

Used to help the plant withstand stress and disease by strengthening the root system, help support the formation of starches, oils and sugars and aids the transformation of sunlight into an energy.

Potassium (K)

Assists with photosynthesis which leads to growth and vigour helping the plants to resist disease by keeping metabolic functions running smoothly.

Micro nutrients

Iron (Fe)

Needed for chlorophyll production (what gives green colour in leaves). Iron deficiency causes yellowing of the leaves.

Boron (B)

Necessary for calcium to perform its functions in the plant. The symptoms of boron deficiency are poor development of the growing tip of the plant.

Copper (Cu)

Copper is required for root formation. Deficiency is rare but can occur on sandy, peaty and chalky soils with their high pH levels.

Manganese (Mn)

Manganese deficiency is often caused by over liming and is most often found on peaty and sandy soils with a high pH. Symptoms are similar to iron deficiency.

Molybdenum (Mo)

Enables the fixation of nitrogen but is only required in minute amounts. Deficiency symptoms are similar to nitrogen deficiency (with the addition that leaf edges may die).

Zinc (Zn)

The effect of zinc deficiency is to hinder the plant’s production of chlorophyll. Leaves will show a yellowing whilst the leaf veins remain green.


Water droplets on lawn


Our surfactant (also known as a wetting agent) allows water to disperse evenly across the plant leaf.

  • Improves the uptake of nutrients
  • Manages water issues
  • Guards against plant stress
  • Safe to beneficial microbes
  • Leads to less dried out (hydrophobic) areas

How to use

Frequently asked questions

To keep your lawn healthy and in tip top condition a steady supply of quality nutrients is a must.

Without this supply the grass will not perform, re-growth will be slow and the roots will be weakened leading to disease and bare patches.

Our liquid feeds need to be applied by a sprayer. Any brand will work perfectly with our plan as long as it is fitted with a flat fan nozzle and we advise getting a sprayer with the right litre capacity you need for your lawn size.

Our plan is designed to build a healthy, strong and disease resistant lawn so there is currently no weed control. We advise to manually remove any weeds or if your weed problem is more severe please get in touch for advice.

We have created a single box to tackle all common lawns sizes. This enables us to be really efficient with packaging and our feeds but mainly it allows us to be able to cater for every lawn in the UK.

Not a problem and you can still get an application down straight away. If you don’t want to wait until the next month then use the closest month application. If you get the box at the start of a non application month use the previous feed. If you get the box towards the end of a non application month use the next available feed. Eg Start of March, use the February application. End of March, stretch out the April applications.

Our nutrients will improve soil health, encouraging thicker and fuller grass growth. However, our lawn feed doesn't contain any grass seed so any significant bare areas will require reseeding.

So & Mo grass seed is coming very soon.

Yes. Our liquid feeds are child and pet friendly. We do however advise to keep them at a distance whilst mixing and applying and allow a day before going back on the grass to allow time for the foliar uptake to take effect.

It is best stored in a warm dry place to avoid the liquid freezing.

Our lawn feeds will not affect your plants at all. There is a lot of crossover between lawn feed and plant feed so do not worry if any goes on your plants.

Find more answers on our FAQs

We plant a tree for every order

With our customers looking after their lawns, we want to look after our planet - which is why, for every order we deliver, we plant a tree through Ecologi.

We plant trees with