When can I sow grass seed until?

When can I sow grass seed until?

15th Nov 2022

When can I seed until?

We’re getting into that time of year where the temperatures are dropping (sometimes quite quickly), coats are coming on and we’re preparing for the Winter.

Surely the time of sowing grass seed has long gone? Actually, it hasn’t.

Grass seed and germination all comes down to two things mainly - temperature and water. Now living in the UK, water should never be a problem and coming into the Autumn/Winter time this certainly isn’t the case so the only thing to check is temperature. As long as the majority of the day is above 6 degrees you’re good to go and still get results.

We’re finding the change of the climate globally is sees the later months of the year much much warmer than it used to be so we can be sowing seed well into December and getting good growth. Get a jump on the Spring and if you can start the fix of those bare patches this side of the new year your lawn will be in a much better place come March.

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