Dealing with red thread

Dealing with red thread

31st Mar 2021 Diseases

Red Thread (Laetisaria fuciformis) is a common lawn disease and pretty easy to spot.

You will mostly see red thread following wet and mild periods predominantly in the summer. This disease can develop at other times of the year though if the weather conditions are right and the lawn is not strong and healthy enough to ward it off.
Red fescues are mostly susceptible, but other grass varieties such as other fescue types, ryegrasses, bents and poa can also be effected.

You will easily be able to identify if your lawn is suffering from red thread, dead brown patches will appear and on closer inspection you will see a red thread like fungal growth.

Red thread is a sign of a nitrogen deficiency and with the correct remedial actions such as So & Mo feed you can address this issue if it appears in your lawn.

You can help to prevent red thread in the first place with good soil condition, drainage, a well aerated lawn with minimal thatch and the correct nutritional regime. Our programme takes this into consideration with a high level of nitrogen through the common periods of growth.

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