Overseeding your lawn

Overseeding your lawn

4th Jul 2022 Seeding

Overseeding is an important part of lawn care, the results of which are very beneficial and worth the effort.

If your lawn is looking thin and in poor condition and if weeds are starting to pop through, overseed your lawn to thicken it up and help to stop weeds and disease from getting established in the future.

The best time to overseed your lawn is either in the spring March to early May or early autumn, late August to September, the latter is best as you will have much less competition of weeds coming through at this time of year.

Tips for overseeding.

Remove or kill off any weeds or moss, do this about a week or so before scarifying, this will protect any new growth from potential weed killer residue.

Mow your lawn as low as possible before overseeding.

If necessary, scarify or rake any thatch that has built up and remove. A thick layer of thatch will prevent seeds from germinating and establishing.

Relieve any compaction to create more air and help the seed to get going quickly.

Apply a thin layer of quality top dressing. It is important not to apply too much as this can prevent the grass from getting enough air resulting in weak or dead grass underneath.

It's always worth buying quality seed that is compatible with your grass type. Check the packet for overseeding instructions.

Lightly rake over the seed once sown to ensure the seed is in contact with soil and can therefore germinate.

Apply a fertiliser for the correct time of year to encourage healthy new growth.

Apply water as necessary and keep an eye on the lawn for a few weeks to ensure enough moisture for a good germination of the new seed.


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