Mowing tips for a newly laid garden lawn

Mowing tips for a newly laid garden lawn

31st Mar 2021 Mowing

Isn't this just the same as mowing an old lawn? Not really, no.

Once the new turf has established (this will take approximately 10 to 14 days depending on the season) you can start to mow your new lawn.

First check the turf has rooted by lifting a corner, if it shows resistance it is ready to mow.  Set the blades at a high setting and be careful not to remove more than 1/3rd of the grass. The plant is still very fragile and we want to minimise stress as much as possible.

During the initial period, mowing little and often will give the best results.
If the grass grows too long before cutting, it is essential that the height is brought down gradually over a period of a couple of weeks. If grass is mowed too short too soon the shallow roots will not cope and the turf will start to struggle and it will thin out allowing weeds to grow in the gaps or worse the whole lawn will become thin and sparse creating a perfect space for weeds and disease. 

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