July Essentials: Sit Back, Unwind & Let the Grass Grow

July Essentials: Sit Back, Unwind & Let the Grass Grow

2nd Jul 2022

July is the height of the growing season. While it's important to do the odd maintenance job and ensure your garden has plenty of water, the best thing you can do is spend time outside.

We've put together five easy tips to get the most out of your lawn this month – so if your lawn isn't looking like the centre court at Wimbledon, there's still time to serve up a perfect grass court in your back garden.

1. Make sure there's plenty to drink (the garden, that is, not you)
If the last weeks of June have reminded us of anything, it's that we do finally get to believe it's summer. While the paddling pools and football goals might be out in full force in the garden, it's important to remember to water your grass if you're not getting regular rainfall.

You can water your garden first thing in the morning before the sunrise, but we think evening is the best time when the sun is at its lowest. If you water your garden in the midday heat, the water won't soak into the soil. It will evaporate and increase the chance of scorching your lawn (but only on a sweltering day).

2. Cut down on mowing
In June, we recommended that you cut as regularly every three to four days during the 'growing season' as this encourages the grass to grow thicker and healthier. We're into the hottest part of the year so cutting once a week should be plenty.

The best thing about lawns in the summer is that you can try shaping your lawn into different patterns. If stripes aren't your thing, you might want to go for a diamond shape of diagonal lines to make your lawn look bigger. If you've got any unusual contours in your garden, mow around them to create an effect. If you try and cut straight across a contour, you'll 'scalp' your grass and undo your hard work.Check out our how-to guide for striping your lawn here.

3. Watch out for signs of drought
Like all the plants in your garden, the grass is susceptible to drought. Over the summer, look for brown patches on your lawn, which is a sign of drought stress. With increased heat and a lack of water, the root system struggles, and the grass loses its healthy green finish.

For a well-established grass, you should be watering it fairly regularly in the summer. If your lawn looks brown and dried out, you can use a garden fork to create pockets of air beneath the soil, and when you get the hosepipe out, the water will fill the space to help the water reach deeper.

4. An organic boost for your garden
If your garden is looking in need of a summer pick-me-up, So & Mo's Organic Booster will help your grass recover. Made up of a unique combination of macro and micronutrients, wetting agents and biostimulants, it will give the root system the vital nutrients it needs to survive hotter, dryer conditions. Plus, the iron in the formulation will also help give your grass a colour response - no more brown patches!

5. Time to pick up a picnic and head outside
Nothing beats time spent in the garden with friends and family, enjoying perfect days together. Whether you're enjoying an ice-cold drink, entertaining friends, or playing football, So & Mo can make sure the grass under your feet looks good and feels great.

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