How to repair your lawn after the heatwave

How to repair your lawn after the heatwave

16th Sep 2022

How to repair your lawn from heat stress

What is heat stress?

After another heatwave we have had over the last week the lawn has not had enough water so the plant was plunged into stress mode again (if it ever recovered from the first heatwave) where everything becomes about saving the root system. This means the leaf of the plant on top wilts and dies.


Why repair?

These dead wilted grasses are not going to come back to life so we need to encourage new growth to come through.



Follow the steps below to repair your heat stress areas. A perfect Sunday job...

Step 1 - Rake the area to remove all the dead grasses. If they are not removed the recovery will not be as good and the thatch and organic matter will increase in these areas.

Step 2 - Aerate the area with a garden fork.

Step 3 - Overseed with a good coverage of the right seed for your lawn.

Step 4 - Topdress the area and brush in.

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