Different types of grasses and the ones you want in your lawn

Different types of grasses and the ones you want in your lawn

5th Apr 2021 Diseases

So there are roughly about 12,000 different grass species but don't worry we're not going to cover all of those here.

There are a number of common species of grass plant that will be part of or appear in your lawn. Let's start with the good ones.

Ryegrass. The proud staple of many UK lawns, it is strong, durable and perfectly matched with our climate. There are a number of different types of rye however the majority are quite a broad leaf and usually a darker green in colour.

Fescue. A more coastal, sand based grass plant which likes free draining areas. There are a number of different common fescues however they all have the same make up of a very fine sward and give lawns great body in the bottom. 

A combination of Ryegrass and Fescue make up the majority of turf grown here in the UK and subsequently most of our garden lawns.

Now some of the species we don't want mixing in our lawns.

It's worth noting that these are all grasses and therefore weed applications will not remove them. Products that kill these species will also remove the good grasses above so it is best to dig each plant out and remove the root. 

Poa Annua. Also known as meadow grass this is an incredibly ugly grass plant which can usually be spotted a mile off. It is a lime green colour, very broad leaves and hangs around in big clumps. If you spot these in your lawn its best to dig out the entire plant and get rid.

 Yorkshire fog. Another extremely broad leaved, coarse and thick plant that grows in a less dense manor than poa annua and can look very stalky when left a little longer. This is another plant you want to remove including the root. 

If you're unsure of any grasses in your lawn, please send a picture to team@soandmo.com and one of our experts can advise what's best.

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