April Essentials: what to do to get your lawn looking summer ready

April Essentials: what to do to get your lawn looking summer ready

1st Apr 2022

April Essentials: what to do to get your lawn looking summer ready

The evenings are longer, the daffodils are in bloom, and there are reasons to be cheerful with all that’s happening in the garden. With an extra bank holiday weekend coming up (the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations), you won't want to miss out on quality time with friends and family in the garden.

April is the perfect time to get your garden 'summer ready' – with a few clicks and a couple of quick jobs, you'll have lush looking grass in no time without visiting a crowded garden centre. Win-win.

We’ve put together some super simple tips on what you should be doing to get the most out of your lawn. With our decades of experience maintaining greens at the UK's most prestigious golf clubs and sporting venues, you'll have your lawn looking healthy in no time.

TIP 1: Scarify your lawn (not as scary as it sounds)
To get in shape, start with a clear-out. In April, as it gets warmer, use a rake (or a scarifier) to clear your lawn of moss and thatch, which have built up over winter. Focus on small areas at a time and scrape in different directions for best results. You'll see moss lifting away from the grass as you work. Keep the pressure on the rake as you work and quickly clear the waste away after.


TIP 2: Aerate your lawn (without expensive tools)
Over the winter, your lawn will get cold, wet, and compacted, so the roots can't get the nutrients. Work up and down with a garden fork, digging the tine deep into the ground. Wriggle the fork to create an air pocket and move on. The roots will fill the air pockets and start to get the nutrients they need for sustainable growth in the warmer months.

TIP 3: Feed your lawn (to keep it happy and healthy)
You've scarified and aerated, which means now is a great time to add a So & Mo Organic Booster and subscribe to a 12-month subscription of seasonally adjusted lawnfeed. The booster is specially formulated to condition and strengthen turf against stresses.


TIP 4: Sharpen your lawnmower blade (or go for a full service)
Don't get your lawn looking lush, and then cut it with a blunt blade. Old blades can tear the grass, meaning your lawn can be more exposed to disease. A blade lasts roughly 12 months if your mower is kept somewhere dry in the winter, and sharpening costs around £10. If you've got an older mower, get it serviced to prevent any mid-mow disasters.

TIP 5: First cut of the year (if it's dry)
Grass prepped, blade sharpened, and So & Mo subscription on track – now you're ready to cut. Mow your grass shorter week by week. If you go for a severe trim, you risk leaving bald patches called 'scalping'. 15 to 25 millimetres is a great height to aim for at this time of year. Apply the So & Mo Organic Booster after the first cut. It will promote growth on the freshly cut grass (do it before, and you'll end up with a lawnmower grass box full of lawnfeed – not ideal).

So whatever your idea of the perfect day is – playing football with the kids, enjoying a book on a sunny afternoon or sipping an ice-cold drink on a warm evening – little beats the feeling of freshly cut grass under your feet. Subscribe to a 12-month subscription of seasonally adjusted lawn feed.

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