Top dressing your garden lawn

Top dressing your garden lawn

16th Mar 2023

What is top dressing?

Top dressing is the process of applying or spreading a mix of sand or sand & soil, to the top of your lawn.

Why top dress?

Top dressing has a multitude of benefits...

✅ Helps to level out imperfections - no-one wants lumps or bumps in their lawn

✅ Provides a top layer for an overseed which will improve germination

✅ Introducing sand into the top of the soil profile helps drainage and overall leaf health

How to top dress...

Step 1 - A 20kg bag will cover approx 6m2 so order the correct amount for your lawn size (not sure what to order then get in touch and we can help).

Step 2 - Create piles of the dressing around the lawn or if your lawn is under 100m2, empty into a wheelbarrow.

Step 3 - Using a shovel, spread the dressing onto the lawn trying to get an even distribution.

Step 4 - Using the back of a rake, work the dressing into the bottom of the lawn.

Step 5 - Keep going until no more sand is left sitting on the leaf and is firming on the surface of the lawn.

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