Why have I got mushrooms in my lawn?

Why have I got mushrooms in my lawn?

20th Jun 2023

Mushrooms are a common sight in many lawns, especially during the rainy season. They may appear overnight and can be a source of wonder for children and adults alike. However, the sudden appearance of mushrooms in your lawn may raise some concerns. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why mushrooms might be growing in your lawn.

Lawn conditions

One of the main reasons for mushrooms to grow in your lawn is the specific conditions of your lawn. Mushrooms thrive in damp, warm environments and feed on decaying organic matter. If your lawn has poor drainage, is constantly moist due to overwatering, or has a lot of organic debris, such as dead tree roots or leaves, then it is more likely to have mushrooms growing in it. You may want to consider aerating your lawn and removing any debris or dead plant matter to improve drainage and prevent the build-up of organic matter.

Fungal spores

Another reason for mushrooms appearing in your lawn is the presence of fungal spores. Fungal spores can be present in the soil, and when the conditions are right, they can grow into mushrooms. Fungal spores can be transported to your lawn through the air, animals, or even on your shoes. It is almost impossible to completely eliminate fungal spores from your lawn, but proper lawn care can help prevent them from growing into mushrooms. One way to prevent the spread of fungal spores is to avoid walking on wet grass, as this can transfer spores from one area of your lawn to another.

Lawn care practices

Finally, lawn care practices can also contribute to the growth of mushrooms in your lawn. Overwatering your lawn can create an environment that is perfect for mushroom growth. Additionally, using too much fertiliser can create a buildup of organic matter in the soil, which can lead to the growth of mushrooms. To prevent the growth of mushrooms, it is best to follow proper lawn care practices such as watering your lawn deeply but infrequently, mowing your lawn regularly, and not over-fertilising. You may also want to consider using a fungicide on your lawn to prevent the growth of fungal spores.


In conclusion, mushrooms in your lawn are not necessarily a cause for concern. They are a natural part of the ecosystem and can even be beneficial to your lawn. However, if you are concerned about the growth of mushrooms in your lawn, there are steps you can take to prevent their growth. By understanding the conditions that encourage mushroom growth and following proper lawn care practices, you can enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn without the presence of unwanted mushrooms. Remember to prioritise good drainage, avoid overwatering, and keep your lawn free of organic debris to help prevent the growth of mushrooms.

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