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Introducing EveryPlant™

Unlocking nature's potential with seaweed-powered plant nutrition. Everything needed, for every plant.

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The only plant food you need

Indoor & Outdoor

A true year-round multipurpose formulation

Powered by Seaweed

Highly beneficial for plant growth

Ultra Concentrate

Makes 100 litres for value, performance and sustainability

Wildlife & Pet Safe

A feed you can rely on to deliver

Garden with perfectly green, well-kept lawn

Feeding your plants is a doddle

EveryPlant™ is a strong concentrate so it needs just 5ml per 1 litre of water.

Measure one capful (5ml) of feed for each litre of water and agitate. For houseplants feed every 2-3 weeks and for outdoor plants feed weekly throughout the growing season.

Apply through a water can around the base of each plant or use a sprayer for a folia feed.

Garden with perfectly green, well-kept lawn

Developed by leading horticulture professionals

Harnessing the power of balanced ratios, our 3-1-2 blend is meticulously designed to provide your plants with precisely what they need to thrive and ensure optimal growth, healthy foliage, and vibrant blooms.

EveryPlant™ has the addition of a remarkable ingredient: seaweed. Seaweed is renowned for its ability to enhance root development, improve nutrient uptake, and boost overall plant resilience. The inclusion of this organic powerhouse in our formula ensures that your plants receive the ultimate boost for robust and thriving growth.

We're a trusted brand

"We adored So & Mo. No green thumb required: this is useful stuff." - National World