How to control your weeds

How to control your weeds

22nd Feb 2023

We’re talking weed control, not eradication!   We want to promote weed control that is relatively simple, repeatable and doesn’t involve herbicides or weedkillers.

Here’s some tips which don’t involve special machinery nor herbicides.  These tips will get you out of the house and even getting a bit of exercise:

  • Grab a hand fork or trowel (ideally a two-prong hand fork)
  • Find the dandelions, daisies, plantains and thistles on your lawn
  • Loosen the earth around the weed and pull out as much as possible

“I’ve now got gaps on my grass now!”, you’re saying.  Don’t worry, the plan is that space will eventually be filled up with lush grass.  To promote that growth:

  • Spacing 6 inches apart push a fork about half into the ground (about 6 inches deep)
  • Lean forward and create aeration in the soil
  • Scarify away any thatch or moss
  • Sprinkle with grass seeds
  • If you want to be thorough you can add a light top dressing

As you can see, with a bit of work you can remove the unsightly weeds and with So & Mo treatments encourage your lawn to take up the space left.  


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