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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Questions

When will I receive my next subscription?

Our products are sent out each quarter. The months are February, April, July and October.

What courier will deliver my parcel?

All our deliveries are made by UPS.

Payment Questions

When will you collect my payment?

Quarterly subscription payments will be collected on 1st of the following months January, April, July & October with the first payment you make being taken on the day you subscribe.

Annual subscriptions are taken from initial subscription date.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by going to

Can I change my payment date?

Currently not. All our payments get processed on 1st of the month.

Product questions

Is So & Mo feed organic?

Currently no, watch this space though as we have plans to introduce an organic range in the very near future.

Do I need to apply any other lawn treatments?

We will be offering further lawn care products such as wetting agents and weed control, these can be added to your plan once launched if desired.

How do I find out more about looking after my lawn?

Once you subscribe to a So & Mo plan we will send you regular tips and advice for looking after your lawn.

Will So & Mo reduce or get rid of my moss?

Please get in touch for further advice for the treatment of moss in your lawns.

Is the So & Mo Plan cost effective?

Yes, the quality of the ingredients used are professional grade, this means you only need to apply 4 times a year for lasting results.

What happens if I have fertiliser left over?

Reduce your setting on the spreader and lightly go over the lawn again until it has all been used.

What happens if I get fertiliser on my patio?

We advice to either brush or blow the fertiliser off any hard standing surfaces to ensure no damage is done.

Is So & Mo safe for pets?

Yes, all of our products are pet friendly. We recommend keeping off the lawn in general for 24 hours to allow the products to do their work.

Can I apply So & Mo to my new lawn?

Yes the So & Mo range is ideal for new lawns.

Can I apply without a spreader?

It is possible to apply by hand on small areas under 50m2 although it is not something we would recommend for consistency of application.

What grams per square metre do I want?

All our lawn feeds are designed to be applied at 30g per square metre. We advise you set your spreader to 15g per square metre and apply a double pass. These instructions are included with our plan.

Subscription Questions

Is there a minimum subscription period?

There is no minimum subscription period, each season will automatically be renewed and you are free to cancel anytime.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by going to