Step by step mowing guide

Unless you have a specialist grass and you will know if you have, it’s always best to leave your lawn a little longer.  Short mown grass can attract weeds, moss and even disease.

A good mowing height is around 1 inch (25mm).  If we enter a dry period increase the height to around double (50mm) your grass will cope better with the little extra help. 

It is always a good idea to regularly sharpen or even replace your mowers blades.  Blunt blades tear the grass leaving a jagged edge your lawn simply won’t look as good if it’s ripped.

If your lawn has grown a little too long, simply increase the setting on your mower and try not to remove more than one third of the grass at a time. 

Remove your grass clippings or they will turn into surface thatch which will just encourage moss.

Mowing isn’t just for summer, as long as your grass is growing your lawn will reap the rewards when you give it a mow.   Plus your work will be so much easier in the spring if your grass has not got too long in the winter. 

At So & Mo we think there is something quite therapeutic about pushing a  mower up and down your lawn and it’s very satisfying creating interesting patterns and stripes.   The fresh air is certainly good for the mind and add in a sneaky little workout to burn off those extra calories from the weekend it’s a win, win, win, mind, body and lawn. 

One last little tip the more you mow the better you lawn gets.   Your lawn will love you for it and your efforts will not go unnoticed.