Mowing tips for an established lawn

When mowing your lawn, we recommend never removing more than a third of the growth in one cut.  If your lawn has grown too long due to bad weather or time restraints increase the mowing height to the highest setting before cutting.

As a rule, set the mower blades higher as you enter a dry period and lower as you come out of one.

Avoid cutting your lawn to short, unless you have an ornamental lawn that will tolerate a low cutting height.  A lawn cut too short will weaken the grass and encourage weed, disease and moss.  On the other hand, lawns regularly cut too high can suffer from loose, weak growth that is less durable as a surface. 

Remove grass clippings, if left on the lawn they contribute to surface thatch which  encourages moss.  

Sharpen or replace your lawn mowers blades regularly, a blunt blade will tear the grass producing a ragged finish. 

Clean and remove grass from the underside of the mower after use so it is ready for next time.