Lawn mower maintenance

These few simple maintenance tips will keep your lawn mower in good order.

For specific maintenance instructions for your mower refer to the owner’s manual.

Keep an eye on the oil level and remove old or contaminated oil replacing with new as needed.

Inspect air filters and replace if they are clogged up or dirty.  Air Filters are quick and inexpensive to replace it’s worth the effort to replace annually.

Spark plugs are also inexpensive and are an important part of the smooth running of your machine.  Replace spark plugs on an annual basis to help the mower to start with ease every time.

Sharp blades provide a nice clean cut,.  Blunt blades rip and tear the grass so keeping blades sharp is an important job.  

Following each mowing remove any debris and grass cuttings from the underside.

Drain any remaining petrol from the mower at the end of the season and add fresh in the Spring

If you prefer take your mower to a professional on an annual basis and they will cover the above checks for you.