How to measure your lawn

Step by step, let us walk you through it …

So we work in meters but you can measure your lawn in feet or yards too.

Here’s a handy little link to convert your measurements into meters.

Don’t worry if your measurements aren’t perfect — we have already worked out how much you need for each plan and allowed a little bit of give and take. Just try and get them as close as you can.

Squares and Rectangles

This one’s easy — simply measure the width and the length and multiply one by the other.

Lots of Square and Rectangles

Still easy — just measure each square or rectangle as above and then add them all together.


Circles are easy too, just pretend they are a square and measure them like one.


Just like circles, pretend the triangle is a square and then half it — this will give you a rough idea.

Random Shapes

This one can be a little trickier, even for the experts! Do your best to break it up into smaller size shapes and calculate each shape separately — and remember, each plan size has a little give and take, so don’t worry, just do your best.

And if all else fails just get in touch with us at and we’ll do our best to guide you through it.