Dogs & Lawns

If you see straw like patches in your lawn, there is a potential these patches may  be been caused by your dog.  

A dog's urea contains nitrogen which converts to nitrates.  Urea also contains potassium and phosphorus.  Each of these components are found in fertilisers and are essentially good for your lawn.  The issue with a dog’s urine is that urea has a very high concentration of nitrogen.  You will often see a patch of longer green grass due to this reason.  The nitrogen level is so high in fact, it will actually leave patches of dead grass and destroy your lawn over time. 

There are products available on the market that claim to help with this issue although feedback about the effectiveness of these are mixed.  You can try diluting the area with a bucket of water every time the dog urinates on the lawn, this is not practical for most people.  Keeping the lawn irrigated may also help to dilute the issue.

Ideally keep dogs off the lawn if you can.